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National Energy Awareness Month: Healthy Air for Healthy Kids

National Energy Awareness Month: Healthy Air for Healthy Kids

October is National Energy Awareness Month. It is a great opportunity to point to the improvements energy efficiency and renewable energy sources make to clean air.  The U.S. is already seeing tremendous growth of renewable energy sources – particularly solar and wind energy.

  • Georgia is tied for 10th among the states with the greatest energy potential from solar power, according to a sun index developed for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data provided by NREL’s Renewable Resource Data Center. Georgia Solar Energy Association
  • Atlanta was the first city in Georgia to determine its municipal carbon footprint, and by 2010, Atlanta reduced it by 12.5 percent. The City of Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability is working with all city departments to balance Atlanta’s economic growth with environmental protection while being mindful of social justice. City of Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability
  • Wind energy deployment has gotten 90% cheaper since the 1980s. US Department of Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will help protect health by bolstering the growth of clean fuels and increasing energy efficiency. The Plan will prompt states and utilities to use energy more efficiently and transition to cleaner energy sources, reducing dangerous pollution. Because of those changes, the Clean Power Plan will prevent 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks each year when fully implemented.  See the full report here.