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Media Coverage: North Carolina paper publishes a letter from an M&O supporter

When the smog level is over the EPA’s limit, we get an air quality alert, and people like me with lung disease know that they should exercise indoors that day. Right now, that limit on ozone is out of date. That means there may be days when it’s unhealthy to breathe outdoors that we never even hear about.


Blog: Cutting carbon emissions will help me and others living with asthma

Growing up in Metropolitan Atlanta, the air quality reports and indices were integral to my daily life, especially during the summer. My mom would watch the news every morning to hear the smog report and if the air quality was bad for that day, I was not allowed to go outside and play.


Blog: Why working for the Weather Channel & volunteering with M&O is a good fit

Since I work for the Weather Channel here in Atlanta, it made sense to find a volunteer opportunity that fit in with my already existing passion for weather and all it encompasses. I also think people need to be more proactive in curbing man-made changes to our own environment.


Do you want to make a difference and help raise awareness?

Do you know that nearly half of Americans still live in counties where ozone or particle pollution makes the air unhealthy to breathe including parts of Georgia? This is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and those you love. Contact us today to schedule a presentation.

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