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Most Recent Articles

My Story: Clean Air is Important to Me

When I was a child, I was diagnosed with asthma. Anyone who has had severe asthma knows how horrible it is to struggle just to get your next breath. The current ozone regulations of 75 parts per billion are nowhere close to being restrictive enough. If we don’t do something now, soon it will be too late.


News: Medical Professionals Speak Up for the Clean Power Plan

Medical doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and public health professionals speak up in support for the Clean Power Plan as a vital tool for protecting Georgia and North Carolina residents. There is a lot at stake locally – the health of our children, families and neighbors is at risk unless we take action.


My Story: Clean Air Depends on Driving Less

Clean air is the fuel that I need to make my bicycling possible. As I grow older, if the air quality here declines, I’m concerned that I’ll have to cut back significantly on or even abandon this activity that I enjoy so much.


Media: LTE by GA Field Organizer on CPP

On behalf of the more than 60,000 adults and children with asthma in DeKalb County, including my own 70-year-old mother, I urge our leaders to develop a strong state implementation plan for Georgia. Clean energy and clean air are essential for Georgia’s future.

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