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Action Alert: Clean Air Still Under Attack

This past year we have seen proposed federal action to roll back established national clean air standards. Now more than ever we need your help to speak out for clean, healthy air.


Action Alert: Join a Thunderclap to support #CleanAir4Kids!

We invite you to join Mothers & Others for Clean Air in promoting a Thunderclap in support of healthy air, organized by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We’re calling on you to use your social media influence to promote clean air for kids.


Action Alert: Ask N.C. Senate to Keep Renewable Energy Standards

When Laura Kellogg’s three children couldn’t breathe well in her home state of Massachusetts because their asthma was out of control, she took drastic measures and moved her family to where the air was cleaner,North Carolina’s coast. But, the clean air in which Kellogg’s family moved to may be threatened.


Action Alert: We Need You on Our 24-Hour Rapid Response Team!

M&O seeks volunteers to participate in our 24-Hour Rapid Response Team. These team members will agree to advocate on behalf of M&O by contacting their members of Congress or state officials, when threats are being made to the Clean Air Act or provisions that threaten our air quality.


Action Alert: Is There a Doctor in the House? We Need Your Help Today!

We have less than a month to show support from the medical community for a more protective ozone standard. Can you help recruit doctors, nurses, and others to sign our letter? Every child deserves the opportunity to play outside without the risk of breathing dangerous ozone pollution.


Action Alert: Tell EPA to Limit Dangerous Ozone Pollution in 2015

Ground-level ozone is a dangerous air pollutant impacting millions of Americans every year. Send a letter to EPA urging them to protect public health by updating the ozone standard.

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