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My Story: Atlanta Pediatrician Talks About the Importance of Clean Air for Her Patients

I am a pediatric resident who first got introduced to M&O through my advocacy rotation. I went into medicine to take care of all of the needs of every child – both inside and outside the office. Clean air is not just important for me; it is important for all of us.


My Story: Former Miss South Carolina Talks About Living with Asthma

I was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, and I recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. I was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma at the age of 4, and I have been working with the American Lung Association since I was 15 years old.


My Story: Oil and Money are Difficult to Inhale

Clean air is important because, first and foremost, oil and money are difficult to ‘inhale’. And razing, plundering and pillaging our natural grown forests to create ‘green space’ is an endeavor for no one’s long term benefit. The world as a ‘whole’ community must do better to preserve not only the air we breathe but the limited resources the earth has to offer.


My Story: Cutting Carbon Emissions will Help Me and Others Living with Asthma

Growing up in Metropolitan Atlanta, the air quality reports and indices were integral to my daily life, especially during the summer. My mom would watch the news every morning to hear the smog report and if the air quality was bad for that day, I was not allowed to go outside and play.

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