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My Story: I’m Very Sensitive to Air Pollution

I didn’t realize I had a problem breathing until I was on a hike in North Georgia and had trouble keeping up with my friends. It took several doctors to figure out what to call my breathing problem. About half of my lungs work, so you can see why I’m very sensitive to air pollution.


My Story: Clean Air is Important to Me

When I was a child, I was diagnosed with asthma. Anyone who has had severe asthma knows how horrible it is to struggle just to get your next breath. The current ozone regulations of 75 parts per billion are nowhere close to being restrictive enough. If we don’t do something now, soon it will be too late.


My Story: Clean Air Depends on Driving Less

Clean air is the fuel that I need to make my bicycling possible. As I grow older, if the air quality here declines, I’m concerned that I’ll have to cut back significantly on or even abandon this activity that I enjoy so much.


My Story: I Want a Future Where Air Quality is More Important

I worry about the effect of poor air quality on the health of everyone, particularly the children and elderly who are most vulnerable. I’d love to see a future where air quality is of more importance to our lawmakers. I think the U.S. could be seen a world leader when it comes to improving air quality.


My Story: Clean Air is Very Important to Me

Being an avid outdoors person – clean air is very important to me. The more time I spend running in my neighborhood, the more it becomes obvious how clean air is not a priority for most people. It is hard enough to run outside in Atlanta’s humidity – but when a car passes you you get a deep breath of emissions and you can instantly feel the negative impact this has on your body.


My Story: Corporate Polluters Have to Be Held Responsible

Clean air is very important because we as people need air to breath. Asthma runs in my family. Industries and businesses that contribute to air pollution will have to take responsibility so they don’t pollute our air.

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