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Action Alert: We Need You on Our 24-Hour Rapid Response Team!

Action Alert: We Need You on Our 24-Hour Rapid Response Team!

Mothers & Others for Clean Air – 24-Hour Rapid Response Team

We need you to be an “Influencer!” M&O seeks volunteers  to participate in our 24-Hour Rapid Response Team. These team members will agree to advocate on behalf of  Mothers & Others for Clean Air by contacting key decision-makers, such as their members of Congress, or state officials when threats are being made to the Clean Air Act or provisions that threaten our air quality.

Mothers & Others for Clean Air (M&O) and partner health organizations are fighting to defend the Clean Air Act, healthy air safeguards, and other policies that support clean air.

The Clean Air Act and several important healthy air safeguards are under attack from big polluters and their allies. These important safeguards include the Clean Power Plan, which will reduce carbon emissions from power plants, and a stronger ozone standard to drive healthy air quality across the country and ensure the public knows when the air is safe to breathe.

Over the past ten years, M&O and the American Lung Association have recruited health partner organizations and advocates to fight alongside us to protect public health, particularly among our most vulnerable populations – children and teenagers, the elderly, low-income individuals, and persons already suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The results have been impressive. To date, we have not lost any significant healthy air protections. However, the coming year promises to be our most difficult year at the federal level, during which we will face stronger and more frequent attacks on the Clean Air Act in Congress.

Members of the  M&O Rapid Response Team will:
● Agree to be contacted by a M&O staff member by phone and by email;
● Read email communications from the M&O staff member;
● Respond to requests for advocacy within 24 hours of the ask being made – in most cases, this
will be a request to call or email their members of Congress or state’s elected officials;
● Promptly share feedback received with a M&O staff member.

M&O staff will provide talking points, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information required to make it easy to respond!

To join your state’s M&O Rapid Response Team, please contact:

Georgia –
North Carolina –