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Action Alert: Join a Thunderclap to support #CleanAir4Kids!

Action Alert: Join a Thunderclap to support #CleanAir4Kids!

We invite you to join Mothers & Others for Clean Air in promoting a Thunderclap in support of healthy air, organized by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): (A Thunderclap is a social media tactic that posts messages simultaneously for all who sign up.) As a social media user, you are in a position to influence the knowledge, conversations and opinions of your networks.

We’re calling on you to use your social media influence to promote clean air for kids. Children are uniquely vulnerable to air pollution. A bad air day exacerbates allergy and asthma, can impair lung function in children, and limits children’s access to healthy outdoor physical activity.

On June 3, a hearing is taking place in the U.S. Senate that will examine the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed ozone standards. The AAP recently joined several leading health and medical organizations, including American Lung Association (the umbrella organization of Mothers & Others for Clean Air), supporting these stronger ozone standards to protect child health.

Join us in sending a message on the day of the hearing about why children need clean air to breathe where they live, learn and play. To sign up, simply follow the link and click the red button with the social network you’d like to participate with. A box with the Thunderclap message then will pop up. Make any edits your wish and click “Add my support.” You then will be asked to log in to your social network and authorize Thunderclap to use your account. Click “Authorize app” to allow Thunderclap to post the message on your behalf at the designated time.