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Take Personal Action

Commit to make one modest change that will contribute to cleaner air.

CFLLightBulb-pic-2.3A variety of suggestions are provided below. Because tailpipe and smokestack emissions are the largest sources of pollution, most of these actions focus on transportation and energy use. Make a commitment to try at least one of these.

  •  Change a light bulb. ENERGY STAR certified LED lighting products fill our rooms with equal light while using 70-90 percent LESS electricity than incandescent bulbs, last 10 to 25 times longer and save you $30 to $80 on energy bills over the lifetime of the bulb. Using LEDs is an inexpensive and effective way to easily cut your energy usage and save money.
  • Reduce your energy consumption.  Purchase Energy Star Appliances.  Turn your computer off when not in use.  Turn your thermostat one degree higher during summer months.
  • Carpool or use public transit. Take control over your commute and save time and money. Carpool, telework or use public transit, a vanpool or another transportation alternative to avoid metro traffic and reduce tailpipe emissions at the same time. To find the best transit route from one part of metro Atlanta to another, use Citizens for Progressive Transit’s Trip Planner.
  • Purchase locally grown food when possible.  On average, the food in a typical American meal travels 1,500 miles to get to your plate!  Buying local produce and meat and dairy products when available reduces the diesel pollution associated with long-distance trucking and shipping.


Advocate for Clean Air– Many individuals and groups support our work for cleaner air by writing letters or emails, making phone calls or attending public meetings to support policy changes and increased funding to improve air quality.

  • Sign up to receive action alerts asking you to contact your elected officials and make your voice heard when the need arises.
  • Educate yourself on the health effects of air pollution and check out our advocacy page to see what’s happening to protect our health!
  • Contact your elected officials. Whether it is national or local, always take a minute to contact the people who are making decisions that affect you.
  • Ask your pediatricians, doctors, school nurses to contact elected officials. There is power in numbers! The more people to speak out about an issue, the more attention it will get from elected officials.
  • Register and vote! Every election counts. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to cast your ballot. Make sure your family and friends register and vote!
  • Speak out! Write letters to the editor in your local paper, post information about issues you care about in your community!
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.