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My Story: A Pediatrician Shares her Hopes for Clean, Healthy Air

My Story: A Pediatrician Shares her Hopes for Clean, Healthy Air

I’m KJoy Simms. I came into contact with Mothers & Others by chance. I was on an advocacy rotation that was required for my residency training and ended up meeting with the leaders from this group. I was so impressed with the level of passion and this sparked my interest in preserving clean air because I now see it can lead to fatal illnesses, poor quality of life, but most of all I know it can be prevented.

Clean air is important because health is important. How can we live healthy lives and breathe in pounds of pollution daily? We can’t. In addition, I see many kids come to the ED, in hospital and even lose their lives because of severe asthma, low birth weight and cancers. All of which can have less severe consequences if we promote clean air.

My hope is that we can educate persons about the consequences of air pollution and the drastic effect it can have on their health. Ultimately, we can lead a powerful mission to influence our family, friends, state, country and the world in an effort to make a change. Not just for us, but for our kids and for the future.

Written by: Dr. KJoy Simms