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Ciara’s Story

free-tee shirtLate summer last year around July I just had moved into a new place and it was quite exciting. I had been carrying boxes up two flights of stairs for some hours and surely like anyone else I was exhausted. Towards the end of the moving day I could feel my chest beginning to tighten up. I could not understand it because as far as I was concerned I had always being healthy.

The chest tightening became worse; I finally sat down to try to breathe at a steady pace to see if it would go away. The more I realized I was becoming short of breath, the more I panicked. A family member was there and bought me a bag to breathe into and told me to calm down. After catching my breath I did not know what to make of this. I summed it up be because I was moving.

Two weeks later I met my new neighbors, which moved in directly below me. They decided to decorate and also paint to feel more comfortable in their new place as well. The day the painting began I was home the entire day. The fumes from painting had traveled through the vents and once again I was there clenching my chest, wondering what was happening. I finally went to the doctor because the at that point taking deep breaths were out of the question. The doctors gave me a test to see how far I could blow into a tube. It was not very much and I had repeated tries. She came back with a breathing treatment and let me now I had asthma. I was so very shocked! I could not believe I was being diagnosed with this at such an adult age. I have learned to keep my asthma pump in each purse I switch to, it is very vital and life threatening if it is not available not to mention frightening.

Being a patient of asthma you absolutely positively need healthy air. That is why it has become so crucial to me. Healthy air is the most essential part of living. One of my activities I enjoy is exercising. The oxygen to the muscles reduces lactic-acid build up which reduces cramping. Healthy air also keeps my  immune system strengthened. Advocating for healthy air through M&O is really important to me.