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Mothers & Others for Clean Air Public Policy Guidelines

This document is intended to highlight policy priorities and guide Mothers & Others advocacy initiatives. All people are entitled to breathe healthy air and to be free of the adverse health effects of air pollution. Mothers & Others is especially concerned with effects of air pollution on the health of children, their families and others vulnerable to poor air quality. Mothers & Other’s public policy priorities are divided into four areas: air pollution, clean energy, pollution mitigation infrastructure, and climate change.

Reduce Air Pollution: Mobile Sources

  • Support policies to reduce air pollution through vehicle technology, alternative fuels, pollution control equipment and efficiency measures for existing vehicles.
  • Support reduction of sulfur levels in all gasoline, diesel, aviation, and marine fuels, and reduction of toxic air pollutants from all mobile sources.
  • Promote transportation strategies that improve mass transit, lessen the use of single occupancy vehicles, and reduce vehicle miles traveled.

Reduce Air Pollution: Stationary Sources

  • Support strict enforcement of power plant air pollution regulations.
  • Urge the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt and enforce stringent emissions control regulations for these sources.

Monitor Enforcement and Regulation of Air Quality:

  • Support the expansion and maintenance of the monitoring network to adequately detect and track air pollution.
  • Oppose efforts that will result in air emissions which have a potentially harmful effect on health.

Promote Clean Energy:

  • Support policies that advance the use of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient energy resources and technologies.
  • Support the growth of renewable energy sources as well as the development of measures that prevent air pollution from these alternative energy choices.

Protect the Clean Air Act:

  • Defend and strengthen the Clean Air Act and its health-based National Ambient Air Quality Standards to protect the health of all including populations most at risk.
  • Protect funding for EPA clean air programs.

Fight Climate Change:

  • Support efforts to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, including policies that establish binding limits on emissions, expand energy conservation and increase use of clean, renewable energy sources.