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A program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast

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View M&O’s new video – Celebrating 10 Years!

View M&O’s new video – Celebrating 10 Years!

In 2004 Laura Turner Seydel and Stephanie Blank, two well-known Atlanta moms concerned about the air their children and others were breathing, joined forces to do something about it. Determined to lead citizens into taking action through education, Seydel and Blank started Mothers & Others for Clean Air (M&O), a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast.

“M&O has made some notable achievements that we are all proud of,” said Laura Turner Seydel, M&O co-founder. “Even though air quality has improved over the years since M&O was founded in 2004, today nearly half of Americans still live in areas where air pollution reaches unhealthy levels.”

Check-out our new video here.

“Being a mom and someone who cares deeply about children’s health, it was a natural progression for M&O to focus its efforts on recruiting medical/public health professionals to help educate the public about the negative health effects caused by air pollution,” said Stephanie Blank, M&O co-founder.

Under the direction of a new Leadership Board and growing Partnership Council, M&O is expanding into Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina, creating a regional four-state coalition of health-focused and children advocates to achieve concrete steps toward improved air quality in the Southeast. Focusing initially on Georgia and North Carolina, M&O and its partners are working to reduce pollution from coal-fired power plants, cars, trucks, building and industrial energy use, and promote clean renewable energy sources, energy-efficiency and conservation.