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My Story: Clean Air Is Important to Me Because of My Family

Clean air is important to me largely because my husband and several members of his family have asthma. I never knew how serious it was until we moved to the Atlanta area. That is, I never witnessed him have an environmentally-induced attack until we lived here


My Story: How Ozone Makes My Asthma Worse

I am 16 years old. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was four years old. Having asthma has made me determined and motivated to help others to not have to deal with what I’ve had to. Adults have to be willing to do what’s right and tell our nation’s leaders that we need to clean up our air.


My Story: I am a Lung Cancer Survivor: I Need Clean Air

My name is Dan Powell and I’m from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a lung cancer survivor. Clean air isn’t a luxury for me. It’s a matter of life. Please watch this video to learn more about my story and join me and Mothers & Others for Clean Air in our fight for healthy air.


My Story: A Pediatrician Shares her Hopes for Clean, Healthy Air

My hope is that we can educate persons about the consequences of air pollution and the drastic effect it can have on their health. Ultimately, we can lead a powerful mission to influence our family, friends, state, country and the world in an effort to make a change. Not just for us, but for our kids and for the future.


My Story: Lung Disease is Prevalent Among the Young and Underserved

I have noticed how prevalent lung disease is especially among the young and underserved populations in this city. As a resident doctor I have a handful of what I call “frequent fliers” who I know will arrive to the clinic or ED when there is a change in the weather that exacerbates a respiratory disease.


My Story: I Believe the Vulnerable have Suffered too Long

Clean air is important to me because we need clean air to live and help prevent health risks. Too many people have gotten sick or died prematurely because of air pollution. That’s why I support the Clean Air Act and urge the EPA to adopt the most protective standards on air pollutants.

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