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My Story: When We Have High Ozone Days, My Daughter Stays at Home

I have seen family members struggle to draw a breath, and just watching is painful. The incidence of respiratory illness is rising. What are we doing? It starts with a breath. Take a deep breath and start your part.


My Story: My 15-Month Old Grandson Already Needs Breathing Treatments

We met Troup County Commissioner Buck Davis at the Georgia Public Health Association conference in Atlanta on March 22, 2016. In this brief interview, he talks about why clean air matters to him, his grandson and his constituents.


My Story: A New Mom & Registered Nurse Speaks Out for Clean Air

Kim is a new mother and registered nurse who works with lung patients. She explains, “I want my son to be healthy, happy and to breathe easily.” Hear more about why clean air matters to Kim in this one-minute video.


My Story: All My Patients are Adversely Affected by Poor Air Quality

As a pediatrician, I see and treat children of all ages and with very different backgrounds daily. Whether they are premature or have an underlying chronic respiratory disease, such as asthma, they are all adversely affected by poor air quality.


My Story: Preterm Babies Don’t Need the Added Stress of Air Pollution

I’m a certified lactation counselor and frequently work with babies who are born preterm. The lungs are one of the last organs to develop, so prematurity is a risk factor for respiratory issues. These babies don’t need the added stress of air pollution. They’re working hard enough to grow already.


My Story: My Son Struggled Every Time He Played Outside

My nightmare with respiratory issues began with my eldest son. He struggled with asthma and other respiratory issues every time he played outside. Once I received a call from the school nurse that my son was having difficulty breathing and needed to be taken to the hospital.

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