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Media: M&O Responds to Supreme Court Stay on Clean Power Plan

A widely published letter to the editor from North Carolina Project Manager explains M&O’s response to the recent Supreme Court stay on the Clean Power Plan. M&O will continue to defend limits on carbon emissions from power plants and urge leaders to continue work on state plans.


Media: NC Project Manager Raises Concerns Over Health Effects of Limited Climate Plan

At a Department of Environmental Quality hearing in Raleigh last month, M&O Project Manager Alison Jones called for more public health protections: “We need a strong Clean Power Plan in place for North Carolina to cut carbon pollution and lessen the burden on the health of our citizens.”


Media: Director’s LTE in the Macon Telegraph

Critics of the CPP mistakenly argue that the federal government is overreaching. But in reality, the CPP offers a flexible framework that allows Georgia to develop a tailored plan. To maximize health benefits, Georgia should take steps now to protect the health of our residents.


Media: LTE by GA Field Organizer on CPP

On behalf of the more than 60,000 adults and children with asthma in DeKalb County, including my own 70-year-old mother, I urge our leaders to develop a strong state implementation plan for Georgia. Clean energy and clean air are essential for Georgia’s future.


Media: LTE in the AJC – Make Health No. 1 Priority

If history is our guide, then we know that under the Clean Air Act, deadly pollution has been cut while the economy has grown. The EPA has done their job to protect public health, now its time for Georgia’s leaders to step up, stop making excuses and make our health its number one priority.


Media: LTE in News & Observer – Life Saving EPA Rules

Thank you for your Aug. 4 editorial “EPA’s Clean Power Plan promotes the health of people and the planet.” You are right to explain the health benefits of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan while demonstrating the minimal costs.N.C. cannot afford to cast aside these benefits.

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