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Action Alert: Send a Valentine for Clean Air

Action Alert: Send a Valentine for Clean Air

Show your love for the air we breathe and the children we protect. Please ask your doctor, pediatrician, or school nurse to take a few seconds to join hundreds of healthcare professionals from across the country and sign this online letter to the President to support cleaner gasoline and cleaner cars to help us all breathe a little easier.

The letter calls on the President to direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue the long-delayed final Clean Gasoline and Clean Vehicles regulations.

Cars, light trucks, and SUVs are still a major source of ozone and particle pollution. A cleaner gasoline and vehicle standard would have an overnight effect – the equivalent of removing 33 million cars off our roads. These new standards are past due. We need new cleaner gasoline and vehicle standards to protect the health of our children and communities.

The deadline for the letter is February 14. Please don’t’ wait, ask your medical provider to sign the letter today.