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Action Alert: Is There a Doctor in the House? We Need Your Help Today!

Action Alert: Is There a Doctor in the House? We Need Your Help Today!

We have less than a month left to show the strong support from the health and medical community for more protective ozone standards. Can you help recruit doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and other health professionals to show their support by signing this letter?

The U.S. EPA (EPA) is currently taking public comment until March 17th – so the deadline for signing this letter is March 16 at 3pm ET. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Every child deserves the opportunity to play outside without the risk of breathing in harmful air, and pediatricians will continue advocating for clean air until we achieve that goal.”

We’re currently petitioning the EPA to reduce the amount of ozone pollution allowed in our air to 60 parts per billion. The current standard (75 ppb) fails to protect public health.

We’ve drafted a letter in support of ozone pollution limits on behalf of health professionals. Would you take a minute to look it over, and add your name if you agree?

Here is the link to the letter.

Your voice will help draw attention to the fact that ozone pollution is a real health threat, linked to many health problems including asthma, premature death, cardiovascular harm and low birth weight. The scientific record clearly shows that a standard of 60 ppb would provide the most public health protection.

Would you take a look at the letter and consider adding your name in support? Please sign today or forward to your own doctor or healthcare provider for his or her signature. Our children need protection.

Pictured: Dr. Anne Mellinger-Birdsong, M&O Leadership Board officer, testified at EPA’s public hearing on the urgent need for a more protective ozone standard.