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Action Alert: Clean Air Still Under Attack

Action Alert: Clean Air Still Under Attack

This past year we have seen proposed federal action to weaken the Clean Air Act, delay implementation of the 2015 ozone standard, rollback methane standards, eliminate the Clean Power Plan and greatly reduce funding and staff for the Environmental Protection Agency. We expect these proposals and more to reappear in 2018. Some of these measures may surface as Congress looks to finalize the FY18 appropriations bill, which may be completed in February.

Now more than ever we need your help to speak out for clean, healthy air. Share your support  on social media, call your senator and representative and give your personal reasons for needing clean air, write a letter to the editor and share your opinion when articles appear on air quality. We have tool kits for parents and health professionals that can help.

Join our growing network of supporters and help preserve our right to breathe clean air.