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A program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast

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What We Do


Clean, healthy air is essential to good health. When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

Even though air quality has improved over the years, nearly half of  Americans still live in areas where air pollution reaches unhealthy levels.

Many parts of the Southeast face pollution brought on by aging coal-fired power plants and growing traffic.




Our Mission & What We Do

Mothers & Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast, is a unique partnership of leading public health and child advocacy organizations. We work to advance public policy that will improve air quality and fight climate change in order to reduce the effects of air pollution on public health, especially children’s health. We partner with medical and public health professionals as well as parents of children with asthma and those with chronic disease.

To unite new partners and to have more of an impact, M&O is expanding throughout the Southeast and now has staff in both Georgia and North Carolina.

M&O and its partners are working to reduce pollution from coal-fired power plants, cars, trucks, building and industrial energy use, and promote clean renewable energy sources, energy-efficiency and conservation.

We hope you’ll join us. Click here for more information.